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8 Days -- 99¢ -- Imagine the end of the world is coming in eight days. What will you do in the time left to you? 

In "8 Days," many people will spend time with their families. But others will party. Others will try to live out their fantasies and lead lives they couldn't before. 

Now, imagine that the world doesn't end after all. How do you feel about what you've done? 

It is a time of crises. Crisis of conscience. Identity crisis. Crisis of faith. Both during the approach of the end and in the frenzied days after its miss.

Follow the stories of several people and the world as they tackle these questions and more in the near-apocalypse novel "8 Days."

I couldn't put down the book and finished in one reading. This is an excellent story as well as thought provoking! Great job. Can't wait to read more work by this author! -- Gina M.


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